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Canopy Walkway : Looking down | Flickr - Photo Sharing! on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/28088130
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The Hunt House, by Andrew Geller
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Planted red pines, northwestern Pennsylvania (by halmorgan)
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(by Condition NYC)
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Erez Checkpoint, 2006. A Palestinian man waits in the transit zone between Israel and the Gaza Strip.
[Credit : Alexandra Boulat]
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Offices of Buck O’Neill Builders, Inc.
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Taken with Instagram at Olympic Sculpture Park
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. (by rastaschas)
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“We worked with the Diesel creative team, headed by it’s Creative Director Wilbert Das, to develop an interesting and alternative collection idea which was to represent two different yet coexisting aspects of certain contemporary trends: one which is darker in tone, inspired by the underground world and with a more aggressive and enigmatic aesthetic, and the other lighter, inspired by nature and a visual radiance, with soft and welcoming shapes”, explained Patrizia Moroso who always follows all the phases of every design project personally. via ffffffound: 
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Jens Mollenvanger